The Best Ways to Kill Time on Your Smartphone – The Wall Street Journal

Jon Glaser Comedian, host of ‘Jon Glaser Loves Gear’ on truTV

“I have a bunch of old card-game apps on my phone, like Euchre and Cribbage, games my dad taught me back in middle school. I played them a ton on cross-country camping trips as a kid, and now play on the subway or before bed. I try to stay off my phone at night, but I find it relaxing. I can still hear my dad’s voice when tabulating the score—dumb dad-shtick like, “Two four, ain’t no more.” It’s fun to have that memory of him when I’m playing. I tried to teach my son Cribbage, but haven’t been able to entice him yet.”

Lindsay Ellis YouTubeVideo Essayist,… Source : Google News

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