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ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Texting on your phone or typing on the computer, it can all be a pain in the neck–literally.

It’s a real ailment called “text neck.”

Doctors say the reason is that the average person spends more than eight hours a day on some type of electronic device.

Krista Aycock is one of those people. She works the front desk for Williams Family Dentistry in Fletcher, greeting patients and filing data.

“A lot of computer, phone, texting, emailing — things like that,” Aycock said.

Over the years, it’s started to take a toll on her body.

“My lower back is always the number one,” she said.

So to alleviate some of that pressure she started going to WNC Chiropractic in Asheville.

“Neck pain and back pain are by far our biggest draws, I think, just because usually people associate that with chiropractic,” said chiropractor Jennifer Slechter.

Slechter said Aycock’s not alone.

She said she sees several patients just like her every day who all show signs of an ailment known as “text neck.”

“It’s usually the wear and tear of sitting at computers for long periods of time. Our lives are dominated by technology, so even if you’re not sitting in front of your computer for work you’re still on a tablet, or computer, at home or your phone and this, like constant down, really does start to wear on the body,” Slechter added.

It’s not just adults experiencing this. It’s kids, too.

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