Best of CES 2019: Products that stood out at the event this year! (Our Picks)

CES is a place to showcase the best tech from all around the world. Here we see big screen TVs, monitors, gaming PCs, weird robots that automate everyday tasks, weird robots that look scary but are useful and a lot more. In fact, the event is flooded with products that try to be unique and stand out from the rest. While you’ll find a lot of interesting products at the event, we have picked out what we thought were the best of the lot. The products mentioned below stood out from the rest and are favorites among our team.

So, let’s take a look at Gizmochina’s Pick of the Best of CES 2019. This article is a bit different than the usual ones in the sense that each of our Gizmochina team members contributed to this list. Below we tell you which products stood out according to each one of us and why.

There were two products that really stood out for us at the event and almost everyone here at Gizmochina agrees that these two were the very best.

1. LG’s Signature Series OLED TV R

If there was one product that stood out for us at CES 2019, it was the LG Signature OLED Rollable TV. Now, we know LG has shown off rollable TV prototypes before, but what’s really cool this time is that it’s a commercial product. Yes, for a very, very large sum (which is yet to be announced), you will be able to take home this beauty sometime later this year.


What makes it incredible is the way it works. For me, that’s the best part of this product. You push the power button and what looks like a low hung stand in your room gives birth to this incredible 65-inch OLED TV. Once your entertainment needs are over, it will silently roll itself back into its housing. It’s pretty NEAT!

This was one product that every one of Gizmochina’s team nominated as one of the best products at CES 2019!

“If you are a minimalist, you will love the LG Signature OLED TV R. If you have kids, you will appreciate the OLED TV R. And if you just love having a piece of tech you can show off to your friends when they come over, then this is for you.” — Habeeb

“I know that it may be an obvious choice but I think that rollable displays will ease people’s lives as everyone will be able to bring the most sophisticated hi-tech products everywhere” — Michele

“What’s cool is that even the size of the screen can be adjusted for playing songs, viewing photos.” — Anvin

“This will bring some ease to moving a giant TV around the home or even when changing apartment.  But let’s hope we won’t have to sell an organ to get this one. “ — Jed

“I love the fact that the base stand also works as a sophisticated sound bar (apart from being the TV housing!).” — Jeet

2. Bell’s Nexus VTOL aircraft ( Uber Elevate Air Taxi)

Another product that almost everyone here at Gizmochina thought stood out from the crowd was Bell’s Nexus Air Taxi. While we are still a good 3-4 years away from seeing air taxis in action, this is a promising development in the field. Despite being a non-functional unit being displayed at the event, the fact that it can take off like a helicopter and cover nearly 150 miles in just one hour promises some really big things for the transport industry.

“I find it really amazing because it looks like one of those aircraft you only see in sci-fi movies. Yet, there it is right before our very eyes and the company even hinted we could see it flying in the air space in a few years time.” — Jed

“It’s cool because it’s a vehicle which could help to solve traffic congestion and pollution problems in big cities sooner than expected” – Michele

“While it looks like an oversized drone, it’s much more than that. The company has made quite a progress compared to what it showcased last year and it’s fascinating that this sci-fi like thing could become a reality in a few years.” — Jeet

Jeet’s Picks

3. NReal Light MR Glasses

Nreal Light MR Glasses

We have previously seen mixed reality glasses such as Microsoft Holo Lens and Magic Leap One but they aren’t practical to wear everywhere. Solving this problem is ‘Light’ mixed reality glasses from Nreal, which was founded by former Magic Leap engineer.

The ‘Light’ glasses looks very much similar to the regular sunglasses and have smaller profile than others. They are also considerably lighter in weight compared to the conventional MR glasses. It will be priced at around $1,000 and will hit the markets in H1 2019.

4. Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai showed off its Elevate project at CES 2019 which the company is calling an “ultimate mobility vehicle” that combines technology from electric cars with robotics. While most car manufacturers are making products just for everyday transportation purpose, Hyundai has unveiled a product that can be used in the time of crises. Further, the product combines the best of both worlds — electric car technology and robotics technology.

Hyundai Elevate is a walking search and rescue car that is designed with four mechanical legs with wheels for feet. It can roll along on extended legs or retract them to be driven like a car.

Hyundai executive John Suh says that the need for search and rescue, and humanitarian aid, is growing around the world and ‘Elevate’ is designed to save lives in disasters.

Did you know, it can LITERALLY WALK on any terrain, just like any other mammal!

Habeeb’s Picks

5. LG Display Neo Art

I use an external display plugged into my PC and I am sure a lot of other people do too. There are times when I have to resort to my laptop’s display, such as when I am at my parent’s place, but there is a feeling of “digital claustrophobia” if I can call it that, that sets in after some time.

The LG Display Neo Art is a 27-inch “portable” monitor that connects via USB-C to your laptop for both power and display output. There is no power cable crisscrossing HDMI cable. All you need is a single cable and a stand to set it up on.

The display can be easily moved around rooms but moving it long distances (e.g. from home to work and back) without breaking it isn’t something you want to be doing. For that to happen, the display has to be much more portable and the only way I can see that happening is if it were flexible – allowing you to roll it up in a case much like a building plan. Nevertheless, the technology is still pretty great even at this stage and I look forward to it being available for consumers in the next few years.

6. Samsung Space Monitor

The Samsung Space Monitor was announced before CES 2019 began but since Samsung brought it to the event, I guess it makes the list.

If your desk is no wider than 4ft, then you know how cramped it is after you add a desk lamp, an external monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and your laptop. With Samsung’s Space Monitor, you can reclaim more space as the monitor clamps to your desk and sits flush to the wall instead of on the desk itself.

Another advantage of the monitor is that the display isn’t too close so it’s not hurting your eyes, although the hinge design of the clamp means you can pull it forward when you need to.

The Space Monitor should bring a bit of sanity to your desk while providing incredible display quality.

Anvin’s Pick

7. Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart CLock

The best part of this nifty little Alarm clock from Lenovo is that it doesn’t try to do a lot. It’s cheap (which means accessible to more people), super compact, and can easily replace your existing alarm clock. But with google assistant on board, it’s really smart too! Given its size and price, its made for the masses. It’s a really good way to start your life in a smart way.

Michele’s Pick

8. Samsung Gem exoskeleton

CES 2019: 5 Things to Look Out for in ‘Samsung City’

Looking at the high amount of people who struggle with manual jobs (especially older people), I think it will be amazing for people to get back to their regular routine with this setup. Maybe, in the future, we’ll see an exoskeleton from Samsung that will increase our abilities tenfold, just like we see in the movies!

Jed’s Pick

9. Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound speaker

Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker

Sony’s naming system always looks weird but the products are hardly less cool. The glass speaker from Sony at CES 2019 actually elicited thoughts of a romantic candlelight dinner in my head. Won’t be a bad idea to have the light illuminate the table while at the same time cool, romantic music envelopes the arena from the same gadget. The LSPX-S2 is one smart speaker that doesn’t even look like a speaker but that’s cool. So long the output is rich and impressive.

10. Valeo XtraVue ‘Invisible’ Trailer (My Personal Pick)

One of the products that I thought was extremely cool at CES 2019 was Valeo’s XtraVue ‘Invisible’ Trailer. Yes, it’s exactly what you think. It’s a trailer from that’s nearly invisible from the front half. The trailer itself is not what really excites me, but if the technology works anywhere as good as what we see in the video, the future possibilities are endless. It’ll be so cool seeing (oh wait, I mean not seeing) an invisible car, something like in the movie Die Another Day!

There are a lot of other cool products showcased at the event. But we thought the above 10 really stood out!

What was your favorite product from CES 2019?

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